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Englewood Cliffs bathroom remodeling, makes property attractive to homeowners, hotels or motels, apartments or any other person that has bathrooms that need to be updated. This is especially important in a sluggish economy where prospective property buyers are looking for properties that have energy and water efficient fixtures already installed.

Home improvement adds value to any property. And that is why Realtors who know the advantages of remodeling are educating those they are helping in selling their properties that potential home or property buyers are looking for energy efficient fixtures and appliances. Realtors who understand and embrace the this knowledge are using it to sell four times more houses than their competitors.

Bathroom remodeling in combination with refinishing involves the consideration of many factors before the home renovation starts. Whether your motivation is environmental responsibility, or saving money, bathroom remodeling would make you feel satisfied. Your bathroom, is your place of solitude, health, hygiene and relaxation.

Remodeling a bathroom with durability in view

Bathroom remodeling offers an opportunity to remodel with a long term view since most remodels are done to last a few years. It is estimated that 40% of waste that goes to the landfill sites is from home remodeling, that includes bathroom remodeling. Remodeling bathrooms to last just a few years, adds to the landfills and has a big impact on our environment. As you consider your home improvement, pay attention to how long you want your remodel to last.

Benefits of the green bathroom remodeling

The best environmental benefits of bathroom remodeling are achieved when building materials, lighting, ventilation, are combined with equally environmentally sustainable products. By using products that are not friendly to the environment we cross out the gains we have made in reducing VOC's. The same goes for the products that are used in cleaning.

ACC Contracting's trained Englewood Cliffs remodeling contractors can provide you with the best possible home bathroom renovation that will meet all of your green needs and desires.

 Whether you have a large bathroom or a small one our professionals staff has the knowledge and the expertise needed to ensure that you are completely happy with your remodeled bathroom so give them a call today and see what they can do for you.

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