Complete Home and Business Remodeling Services in New Jersey

Get your next New Jersey remodeling service done right with the professionals from ACC Contractors. We specialize in all home and business renovation and construction. With our team of contractors and builders you get complete service that covers every phase and element of your project from start to finish. We are a certified, fully licensed New Jersey remodeling contractors with over 25 years of construction experience. We provide superior customer service and industry leading products that are durable and long lasting. Don’t settle for anything less than the best for your home improvement. Go with ACC Contractors. We are the renovation specialists!

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling in New Jersey

From tubs, toilets, sinks, and showers to tile, painting and plumbing, we can transform your entire bath into a luxurious room complete with all fixtures and accessories.Read More

Bathroom Design

New Jersey Bathroom Design

All remodeling projects begin with careful planning and strategy. Once you have a basic idea of what you want, we can help you fill in all the details and create your concept, so that all the elements come together in a cohesive design that perfectly suits your taste.Read More

Bathroom Tile

New Jersey Bathroom Tile

Quality tile in your bathroom is essential in order to create a watertight environment. We provide industry-leading products that not only insulate your bathroom, but give it a stunning original look and help your bathroom to stand out. We install all types and brands of tile and provide complete finishing.Read More

Bathroom Vanities

New Jersey Bathroom Vanities

While in the bathroom you spend a lot of time in front of the mirror. Why not install a beautiful vanity to enjoy day after day? We offer custom vanities that can match any bathroom style. Our vanities are available in several options including full cabinet vanities or vanities that stand alone. Pick the right vanity for you!Read More


Additions in New Jersey

Add square footage your home or office is always a great investment. It adds value to your property and gives you more room options. We build your rooms to complete match your current home design and provide a cohesive look throughout. We provide full room addition services that include complete construction, electrical, HVAC and plumbing extension and re-wiring.Read More

Kitchen Remodeling

New Jersey Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen in your home must be fully functional and stylish at the same time. It must also be durable and able to stand up to daily activity from all the members of your family. We can help give your kitchen a complete makeover that includes all kitchen components from cabinets and tiles to painting, fixtures, appliances, electrical and plumbing, and all accessories.Read More

Finished Basements

Finished Basements in New Jersey

The basement in your home can be the place where your room ideas can flourish. Ever thought about creating a recreation room for your family, a guest bedroom, or even a private den or study for ultimate privacy? We provide complete basement renovation. If there are repair or insulation issues then we can completely repair and seal your basement from air and water and even provide electrical, plumbing or AC extension.Read More


Siding in New Jersey

Siding is easily the most popular type of home exterior covering on the market today. It extremely durable, does not fade, easy to clean, and provides superior protection and insulation. Check out all the siding options available to you from ACC Contractors. We do full siding installation and replacement. Read More


Flooring in New Jersey

Flooring sets the tone for any style in your room. Each type of flooring has it’s own unique design. Whether you want tile, stone, laminate or wood, we can install all types of flooring and provide complete finishing for all rooms in your home. Read More

Home Building

Home Building New Jersey

We offer complete brand new home construction from the ground up. We contract and sub-contract all construction projects and can handle all phases or the project. Whether you’re tearing down your old home or starting from scratch we can handle all projects large and small. Read More

Commercial Renovation

Commercial Renovation in New Jersey

We do more than homes. We also provide complete commercial renovation for your business. If you’re looking to give your business or office a brand new makeover, then let us help you every step of the way. We provide the same high quality service and products for businesses as we do for homes. Read More

Tile Work

Tile Work in New Jersey

Tile installation and replacement is highly technical work that should be performed by an experienced professional company. If you need tile work done for your home or business, we provide fast, affordable service. We can help you pick out your designs and then install your tile in no time at all. Read More

Custom Decks

 Custom Decks in New Jersey

Accent your home and lawn with a beautiful custom wood deck from ACC Contractors. We can design any deck and match the contour of your home exterior or out in the yard around your landscaping. We do sing and multiple levels and can paint your deck to match everything else around it. Read More

If you are looking for remodeling services in New Jersey, call ACC Contracting at 908-459-5546, or fill out our online request form.