Custom Decks in New Jersey

 Custom Decks in New Jersey

Get a brand new custom designed deck this summer from ACC Contracting. We build sturdy wooden decks that are suited to your personal taste and style. Whether you need a simple single level design or a luxurious multi-level frame complete with accessories and additional features, our New Jersey remodeling contractrors can create your deck from the ground up. Decks in New Jersey are a great investment in your home and help you create great memories with your friends and family.

Quality Construction

The type of wood materials that you order to have your deck made will ultimately determine the level of quality of the deck. We suggest that you invest in durable long-lasting wood that will not warp or split under pressure. Although all decks need maintenance, the amount of maintenance your deck will need depends on what type of wood you invest in. With high quality wood material, your deck should last 15-20 years. We can help you choose the right wood products for your deck.

Deck Design Made Easy

One of the greatest challenges to getting the deck you want is developing a concept for what you want the deck to look like. With our custom design options we can help you create the right deck for you. Decks are generally built to follow the contour and over all layout of your lawn or landscape. That’s a good place to start. From there, we can help you add all types of features and accessories. You may want to add a grilling area, benches, flowerpots, or even an enclosed deck. The options are endless.

Commercial Decks for Your Business

In addition to home deck building, we also design and build decking for your business. Decking is popular with restaurant and resort owners, because it provides great options for outside dining. Regardless of what you want your deck to look like or large or small it is, we can build a custom deck for your business. We can help you create innovative designs and original floor plans that help set your business apart.

Deck Repair and Replacing

Need some repair on that old deck? We restore and repair all decks for both residential and commercial properties. We can replace all damage or worn areas of your deck. We can also sand down and refinish your deck in order to restore the vibrancy and beauty back to the finish. We also provide full deck replacement. We can match your deck’s current design or start from the beginning and build an brand new design. You get complete service regardless of your needs.

Your New Jersey Deck Specialists

In New Jersey homeowners trust ACC Contracting for all their decking needs. We have years of combined experience building all types of decks for home of all shapes and sizes. We provide fast, dependable, affordable service. With ACC Contracting you feel confident that the job will be done right the first time, every time. Our entire crew of deck builders are certified and licensed in all areas of deck construction.

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